Man Kok Tsui Pier, Lantau is located at northeast of Mui Wo in Islands District. Due to the shallow seabed there, only small vessels are allowed to berth at that pier during high tide. It has caused much inconvenience and hindrance on the transportation need for both the villagers and the hikers. The existing pier has insufficient water depth to berth especially during low tide. It doesn’t meet the current needs and achieve sustainability, for example, it lacks barrier-free facilities.

Key design considerations for this pier improvement project includes extending pier head to appropriate water depth, providing adequate water depth for berthing, improving boarding and access facilities, such as adding landing platforms along the steps which connect to the pier ground by a ramp to facilitate boarding and alighting of passengers, improving the waiting area in terms of comfort and safety by providing some new facilities, such as a pier cover and seats.

The village access roads of Man Kok Tsui Pier are private lands, however, the roads connecting to the pier are open to public. According to our understanding, villagers temporarily blocked the access to reduce gatherings under the pandemic. During the recent epidemic lull, the rural committee has negotiated with the villagers and the access roads are resumed to normal that is accessible to the public.

Man Kok Tsui
Pier, Lantau

Vessels are difficult to berth at Man Kok Tsui Pier, Lantau at low tide due to the shallow depth of water. We need to solve the problem in water depth and protect the nearby ecological environment as well. The consultation to relevant stakeholders will be conducted. In response to the opinions obtained regarding the improvement works of Man Kok Tsui Pier, Lantau, local needs and environmental impact, we have developed a preliminary design of the pier improvement works.