Ap Chau Public Pier is located at Ap Chau in North District. Ap Chau is a small island off the north-eastern coast of the New Territories within the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. The pier was constructed more than 50 years ago. Recently, the pier is frequently visited by small fishing vessels, the locals residing on Ap Chau, guided tours and by the general public during the weekends. The existing pier doesn’t meet the current needs and achieve sustainability, for example, it lacks barrier-free facilities and ancillary facilities.

Key design considerations for this pier improvement works include extending pier head to appropriate water depth, providing adequate water depth for berthing, improving and strengthening pier structural integrity (the existing pier was built in 1960s and is suffering from ageing problem with limited expanding capacity), proposing a reconstruction with suitable and durable materials, improving boarding and access facilities, such as adapting a ramp and a floating platform, to facilitate boarding and alighting of passengers, improving the waiting area in terms of comfort and safety by providing some new facilities, such as a pier cover and seats.

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We need to enhance the structural safety and landing facilities of Ap Chau Public Pier, and avoid impact on the ecological environment. The consultation to relevant stakeholders will be conducted. In response to the opinions obtained regarding the improvement works of Ap Chau Public Pier, local needs and environmental impact, we have developed a preliminary design of the pier improvement works.